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Creative marketing, advertising, branding and graphic design to increase sales and build company value.

Businesses wanting to improve their marketing materials frequently start with the idea that they need to make things look better, more “professional.” They may seek to improve a logo design, a brochure, a package design, a presentation, a website, a trade show exhibit, a promotional item, a magazine or a book, by making it look better.

But the most effective marketing design communicates rather than decorates. It promotes the understanding of something
– in a way that creates preference.

It makes the complex, simple; the opaque, transparent; the unstructured, structured; the disorganized, organized; the unclear, clear; the ordinary, beautiful, and the message memorable. We design to help our clients tell the story of who they are and what they value in a way that sparks the viewers’ interest, holds their attention and motivates them to choose our client’s offer.

We are about communication, not decoration.

SessionsGroup in Houston, Texas has evaluated and developed successful business communication strategies based on over 25 years of experience working directly with CEOs and Boards of Directors. The firm has created and managed distinctive branding and effective marketing materials for industry leading companies as well as start-ups and mid-size companies. And we've created advertising and marketing materials as well that communicate effectively for those companies.

In addition, we have created visual communications for editorial and non-profit organizations. We can help you. There are many branding and marketing firms. The difference is effectiveness. We have won over 400 top national industry
awards for creative excellence. Take advantage of our creative thinking to increase sales and build brand equity. We hope you find our work and branding and marketing blog interesting enough to call us today and learn how we can greatly improve your chances for business success in the marketplace: 713 850 8450.