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Alcohol and drug use is a medical issue. It's time we treated it like one.

Alcohol and drug use has been called America's number one public health concern. Drugs and alcohol directly impact the lives of millions of Americans and affect the delivery of health care on many levels. They make diagnoses difficult by hiding symptoms or making them worse. They interfere with effective treatment of injury and illness by causing dangerous drug interactions, and they directly contribute to over 70 conditions that require hospitalization. Despite these compelling concerns, the medical community has not developed universal practices to consistently address alcohol and drug use within the scope of routine medical care

InSight aims to help health care providers understand the impact of alcohol and drugs on patient health and acquire the skills to more effectively address substance use and misuse. InSight incorporates strategies that give providers the tools to help patients make wise choices about their alcohol and drug use and learn how their substance use affects their health.

Important facts about the impact of alcohol and drugs on public health:

Alcohol and drugs account for 25% of the 2 million deaths that occur in the United States every year, more than any other preventable health problem.

Between 40 and 50% of all traffic deaths are attributable to alcohol.

Alcohol and drug use is directly or indirectly responsible for 1/3 of all emergency room visits.

In trauma centers around the country, about half of all trauma patients screen positive for alcohol or drugs.

Substance use costs each person in Texas an average of $1500 per year in taxes and increased health care costs.

InSight helps address these important concerns.