qualifications necessary for creating effective branding, marketing and advertising in Houston Texas
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Well qualified.

The SessionsGroup has achieved over 30 years of well established credibility in the planning, design and production of communications materials within a branding strategy designed to increase both sales and business valuation. We have demonstrated the qualities necessary for creating effective branding, marketing and advertising.

Communications materials based on strategy.

The firm has been able to demonstrate the qualities necessary for creating effective solutions because it creates communications materials based on strategic thinking. Clients have ranged from small emerging companies to 50 billion dollar market leading companies in the fields of computers, software, construction, energy, finance, health care, retail, the environment and manufacturing.

From strategy to implementation.

Effective branding, marketing and advertising requires follow through. SessionsGroup provides complete visual communication services, from the development of initial planning and strategy, to writing, design, and complete production management for print and web media. Typically, we are responsible for every detail of production, including photography, illustration, brochure and website design, and printing.

Leveraged marketing design experience.

On the design side, notably, we have designed and produced over 115 corporate annual reports for 40 different public companies, including five years of annual reports for Compaq, twelve years for Southdown, four for BMC, numerous corporate identity systems, and several corporate image advertising campaigns, including one for Compaq. Since 1996, the firm has evolved and has successfully leveraged its corporate design experience into the brand creation and brand design management field.

Concerning brands, SessionsGroup has helped launch new companies, launch new product brands for major food and beverage companies, rebranded products for consumer goods companies, and developed corporate brands for technology, homebuilding, healthcare, energy, and manufacturing companies, in addition to numerous non-profit and charitable organizations.

Comprehensive brand development.

SessionsGroup brand development work is, we believe, unique in the Southwest because it involves specific proprietary processes, which produce a strategy that addresses and relates issues of visual identity, corporate culture, focused marketing, corporate positioning and advertising messaging. Steven Sessions has authored many articles on the subject of Creative Excellence, Corporate Design, Brand Strategy and Logo Design and has demonstrated that successful branding involves much more than sticking a consistent logo on all materials.

Local to global experience.

SessionsGroup is a privately owned Texas corporation and headquartered in Houston, internationally recognized for creative excellence and high quality marketing solutions. Although the focus of our service is domestic, we have worked on many international programs for our global clients.

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