The value of instant recognition.

When you factor in the value of instant recognition that a well designed logo provides, the cost of hiring a professional designer to develop an appropriate logo becomes less of a financial concern and more of a strategic one. It should be the cornerstone of a distinctive visual identity.

Being instantly recognized as a friend always provides a significant advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Your company logo is a visual representation, and a declaration, of who you are and what your company provides. It is without a doubt the single most important form of social recognition that you can employ. Even if a person cannot say, or spell, McDonald's, almost every man, woman and child on earth understands what the golden arches represent.

Some companies have logos that are misleading which makes them a liability, but most have logos whose development was not strategically considered. Those logos are ineffective assets. They don't do much for the company. In fact they may be an obstacle. Logos can, however, be powerful communicators and positioning tools. Below is a selection of links to award winning company and product identity projects we developed that provide distinctive recognition for companies, some large and some small, in a wide range of markets.