branding and marketing service testimonials in Houston Texas

Most people will “play it safe” when making recommendations. They don't want to risk looking foolish with a recommendation that doesn't measure up at some point in the future.

So it's safer to be negative or to say nothing. Therefore, we’re very grateful for the following list of positive comments and rare letters from CEOs:

“Steven Sessions is one of Houston’s premier branding experts, a leader in the field.” –Laurel Brubaker Calkins, Houston Business Journal

“Sessions has become one of the most respected branding experts in the nation.” –Carol Everingham, Houston Post

“Sessions’ success reflects the seriousness he brings to his craft.” –Jack Huberman, Editor, Art Direction Magazine

“He approaches even tiny jobs like they’re the most important ones he’s ever done.” –Russ Pate, Adweek Magazine

“Sessions combines a researcher’s thoroughness with natural artistic talent.” –Vivienne Heines, Houston Chronicle

"Steven was hired to revamp our early stage company's branding after a couple aborted attempts to hire outside designers. He was quickly able to come up with a cost-effective strategy, which is also a good foundation for future branding efforts. His work is clever, yet clean and professional. We needed the materials on a deadline and Steven delivered a quality product in a timely manner. I recommend him highly." – Morgan Brown, President & CEO, Wave Imaging Technology Inc.

“He knows more about printing than many people in the printing business.” –Anne Feltus, New York Photo District News

"I've known Steven for over 30 years and have worked with him on many projects over the years. And the common thread is QUALITY; Steven is about great work and is one of the dwindling number of people who know and appreciate quality, and strives to deliver it to his clients every day. He's a great guy to work with. " –Michael Hart, professional photographer
“...the work for these clients is marked by a clean, direct and often witty approach. Sessions’ approach is further enriched by the craftsman’s care he brings not only to the design, but also the production of each project.” –Tom Goss, Print Magazine

“Steven Sessions is one of the most respected branding experts in the country.” –Art Institute of Dallas, Commentary

“For more than 30 years, Steven Sessions has been one of Houston's premier graphic designers and creative directors. He assisted me with a tradeshow promotion for Conoco Specialty Products that was equal parts elegance and power. Very impressive.” –Bob Lamons

“Sure, Steven’s demanding, but he didn’t get where he is today by letting things slide.” –Steve Chenn, professional photographer, quoted in the New York Photo District News

This annual report actually makes me want to buy the stock!” –William Dunk, quoted in Upside magazine commenting on his pick for "Best Technology Annual Report of the Year."

“This year's annual report is the best one we’ve ever produced.” –Eckhard Pfeiffer, CEO, Compaq Computer Corporation
"I have worked as a supplier and partner with Steven for over 30 years. Steven is recognized as one of the top Branding Consultants in the profession." –Jim Walker, Owner, EarthColor Printing
"When Steven Sessions was in charge of our company's annual report, I never worried about getting them done on time and correctly. And his knowledge of branding helped us form a consistency of look and message that we had not previously had.” –Brenda Aschliman, Director of Investor Relations, Camden Property Trust